Goldenrod with Community Herbalist Emma Merritt

2014-08-10 18.44.46 Goldenrod from Larken on Vimeo. Vermont based Herbalist, Emma Merritt describes the healing uses and beauty of Goldenrod. To make tea to drink or cool to use as a Nettie: Boil water and cool for a few minutes Use about a tablespoon of Goldenrod Stir gently Steep for about 20 minutes Strain Goldenrod from tea Cool to drink tea or Cool allot to use as a Nettie

Valentine’s Glow

How do you fall in love? Start with yourself. Do something nice today. For yourself. Be kind to yourself. Let your mind talk to you as if you were a child. Your spirit believes in you. Trust and go with the flow! Enjoy yourself. Take yourself on an “artistic date.” Let yourself be curious. Touch, See, Smell, Taste, Feel the world around us. Breathe and know YOU ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL!


For safe handmade beauty products perfect for the holidays visit the Boutique at Our Beauty:

Dear Revlon

I have nixed you from my holiday beauty list.
I urge all of the other beauty bloggers and humans out there to also refuse to buy Revlon until you clean up your act. The fact that you pretend to care about women’s health and then have carcinogens, immunotoxicants, allergens and hormone disruptors in your hair dye, eyeliner, face powder, lip gloss, mascara and nail polish seriously bums me out. Dare to be revolutionary and take a stance for women’s health by getting harmful ingredients out of your entire line of cosmetics and hair care STAT or we will be through forever.

Lauren Larken

For safe handmade beauty products visit the Boutique at Our Beauty:

Hair Care with Aged Kombucha

picture taken by:  Donna Schwenk who teaches people how to make fermented foods at

Aged Kombucha is also known as Vinegar. I have been using it as a hair rinse instead of Conditioner ever since I went on vacation and left my Kombucha brew so long that it became Vinegar. It is inexpensive and works great!  My 11 year old friend, Maya even says it keeps her scalp psoriasis (itchy flaky scalp) away.  You can also just use White Vinegar if you aren’t growing Kombucha. I have long wavy hair that I can get to be curly or straight depending on my hair care ritual.

I wash my hair first with Dr. Bronner’s (Rose, Tea Tree or Peppermint).  I have also experimented with using baking soda instead of other shampoo. Then I rinse the Bronners or baking soda as usual with water. Then I warm my Ancient Kombucha aka Vinegar to the same temperature as my shower or bath by running under warm water before baptizing my hair.   I douse myself until my hair feels like it is covered. My hair dresser, Sassy, says that this closes the hair folicles and makes it shiny and strong. The brew will not bubble but it will sizzle a tiny bit. Then when I get out of the shower I comb in about 1.5 tablespoons of Alaffia Beautiful Curls leave in Conditioner.  I wash my hair no more than 3 times a week and my hair looks shiny, healthy and gorgeous. Tell me how using Vinegar or Aged Kombucha works for you as a Hair Rinse in the place of Conditioner in the Comment Section!


Awesome fairtrade goodness

Everyday Glamour.

A sharp knife or set of fabric scissors. Conductive thread. A good working bicycle. These are beauty tools that are just as important any cosmetic used to decorate or contour the face. Another component of natural beauty? Nature itself. Tea tree oil, water in it’s purist state, fresh oxygen, Soil. We are so blessed to be alive experiencing this beautiful planet. Enjoy it and reflect it’s beauty.  What our the practices which we preach with our lives everyday? Let’s decide what is the most important, together….oh and while we do it I am on the search for the best non harmful and non toxic mascaras and nail polishes—I need professional grade all naturals. Do these exist?

Giving the Beauty Industry a Make Over

Thank you to Stacy Malkan, co-Founder of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics & Author of the excellent book: 
Not Just a Pretty Face, who spoke tonight in a Women’s Voices for the Earth Body and Soul Webinar. Listen to the entire pod cast with slides here.

Cliff Notes Here:

The Corporate Commercial Beauty Industry Wants to tell us:  we aren’t good enough, our skin should be lighter, we should have a darker tan, we should have straighter hair, we should have less hair, we should look different, we aren’t good enough.

But the truth is WE ARE NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL & HAVE THE POWER. Women buy 85% of the products of all times and the companies pay attention to what we are doing and we are moving the market.

Ways that chemicals get into our body:  Inhalation, Absorption into the skin, Ingestion from the lips. The Federal Drug Administration does not regulate the chemicals in our body products, home products or cosmetics. They are not required to disclose all of the ingredients including very harmful ones like: Contamenants (Lead, Heavy Metals) and Fragrances (Trade Secret).

Babies are born with synthetic toxic chemicals in the umbilical cord. Many baby products including Johnson & Johnson (who has decided to reformulate) had multiple cancer causing ingredients in baby shampoos.

Teen girls use the most hormone disruptive chemicals, aproximatly, 17 products on average such as: phthalates, triclosan, parabens, musks.

Response from Cosmetics Companies is that “A little bit of carcineogens or a tiny bit of hormone disruptive ingredients is okay.” However even these low dose exposure levels even in small doses and in mixtures can disrupt the health of the body.

Formaldehyde in products like Brazillian Blowout are causing health issues for women and salon workers.  In Salons products are not required to disclose any ingredeints. This ends up harming the health of both people in salons and salon workers, check out: to find out more about that issue.

“While we think of the beauty industry as being very innovative–it has been mostly in packaging, products and marketing”…not in formulations. The lipstick at L’Oreal costs about .15 cents–the product costs $22. When we buy toxic products we aren’t paying for good ingredients we are paying for the packaging and marketing.

What can we do:

  • 1. Power of Purchasing. Say NO to con….Saying YES to companies that are doing it great: independent, local, fully disclosed ingredients, handmade, no synthetic fragrance. Avoid:  Synthetic Fragrance, Parabens, Triclosan, Anti-Bacterial Chemicals, Sodium Laurel Sulfates, Sodium Laurel Sulfath, Poly Ethaline,
  • 2.  Power of Politics. Pass the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2013. Take Action:
  • 3. Power of Knowing—>
  • 4. Power of Sharing with your friends
  • 5. Power of YOU~! Empower yourself and shine your natural beauty


Stacy Malkan is donating a portion of the proceeds from her book bought at her website in the next three weeks to Women’s Voices for the Earth.  To hear the entire webinar and to purchase Stacy Malkan’s excellent book, and to see all of the slides visit: Not Just a Pretty Face & Women’s Voices for the Earth

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Pin Up Girl Culture 101

Women do pin-up art better. Um, duh! Dear Ms. Hix, thank you for this wonderful ARTicle.

Here is one excerpt:

Ever an adventurer, Mozert took a job as photographer’s assistant on a cruise ship to South America in 1939, and there, using a photo of her friend Swann Marlowe, painted her first nude, which was hung in Mendelssohns Gallery in New York two years later. This inspired Mozert, at age 33, to take up pin-up art. Studying the work of Petty and Elvgren, she made several more nudes, which she sent to David Smart ofEsquire.zoeart7Keep Reading…

Pin-Up Queens: Three Female Artists Who Shaped the American Dream Girl





Healthy Carmel Popcorn

organic popped corn cooked in a skillet with coconut oil

pink himalayan sea salt

local organic honey

nutritional yeast

drizzled tahini sauce

raw organic hemp seeds

no pix at this juncture

but if you wanted to make cones out of newspaper and eat it around a campfire

no one will be sad it’s non gmo!